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December 27, 2003
We have the latest comic page posted! Looks like Asheer is finally going to get out of the trap! But will Gonad? Check out page 87!

December 25, 2003
Merry Christmas! Everybody at Vixine.com (Federico, Serena, Martin, and Ronald) would like to wish all of our furry members - Happy Furry Holidays!

December 18, 2003
We've added the next page in our story! Check out page 86! More Asheer and Gonad!

December 12, 2003
We continue our story - "The Keep of Eternal Darkness!" Vixine and her friends are on a long adventure this time! Will Asheer and Gonad get out of the trap? Find out in page 85! (Gonad gets his face stuffed with some nice dragoness pussy!)

December 11, 2003
We added 2 more art pieces by our guest artist - Max Rabbit and Dennis Pawers. Check them out in the Guest Artists gallery!

Disclaimer for Guest Artwork submissions: "We don't accept any self-invented main characters from random guest artists, unless we ask for them." Please check with us before making submissions!

December 4, 2003
The gang's still on their adventure! Last time- Gonad and Asheer triggered a trap! Find out this week what happens to Asheer and Gonad in the latest comic page!

November 27, 2003
Happy Thanksgiving!! We posted a new comic page today! Check out page 83!

November 22, 2003
Page 82 is up!! Gloril gets wet in our latest comic page! Drippping Wet!!

November 18, 2003
We had a system crash recently and we are working on getting things back online at the moment! For the most part everything has been restored. (The Strip Casino is currently NOT working right now.) We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to thank you for your patience!

November 13, 2003
We've got an all new story for you guys! Vixine and her gang are on a new adventure into the Keep of Eternal Darkness!!! Check out the latest comic page!

November 7, 2003
Important Announcement! There will be an hour downtime on Saturday November 8, 2003 - between 6-7am EST! During this time, our website will be temporarily down for a server maintenance.

November 6, 2003
We got a new comic page posted!! We meet Vixine's grandmother in this latest comic! (page80)!

October 31, 2003
Happy Halloween!! We posted a new comic page today! Check out page 79! We're going to get to meet Vixine's parents in this new exciting episode!

October 26, 2003
We posted our Halloween Splash Page!! Happy Furry Halloween this week!

October 25, 2003
Page 78 is here!!! Gonad gets Vixine Drunk!! And We get to see Vixine get VERY VERY NASTY in this page!!!

October 22, 2003
"Brian Burke sent us another fine piece of Guest Art... We had quite a laugh checking it out, hope you'll like it too!" Check out the comic page in the Guest Artists Gallery 5 by Brian!

October 15, 2003
This week in the comics- We learn more about how the Vixine gang met! Buford tells us a bit about himself! Check out page 77!

October 10, 2003
We've got a new comic up! Check out page 76! We learn more about Vixine's magical sword!

October 1, 2003
We've got the contination of last weeks comic! Will Gonad's fantasies with Vixine be fully fulfilled? Find out in page 75!

September 25, 2003
We've got a new episode of Vixine! Check out page 74! Gonad finally gets it on with Vixine and Gloril!! Or maybe not? We'll find out!

September 18, 2003
This week's comic features Gonad and Asheer!! Check out page 73! Anal sex anybody?

September 11, 2003
Princess Riatha hires two specialists from the assassin guild.. in page 72!

September 4, 2003
The evil Princess Riatha is back!!! What could she be up to this time??? Found out in the next 2 pages of Vixine comic! (Page 71 is up!)

September 3, 2003
We've added a few more Guest Artists to our gallery! And a few new artwork from our previous guest artists!

August 28, 2003
We've got page 70!!! Looks like everybodys having some trouble!!

August 21, 2003
Important Announcement: We've added a new section to our members area called "Loyal Members". The new section will be accessible only to members who meets the qualification requirements. In order to qualify you must be a member for at least 30 days! The newest and latest Comic pages will be made available only to Loyal Members. This is to prevent "Trial Users" from abusing our members area by signing up and sucking up our bandwidth and then quit only to rejoin 2-3 months later doing the same thing.

(Note: Our new system will allow us to futher reward members who have been with the site beyond a certain length of time. So stick around! We plan to utilize this feature in the future.)

August 20, 2003
Gonad is having some trouble!! Everybody's worried! Find out what's going on in Page 69!

August 13, 2003
We're back with the rest of the Fan Mail corner! Check out the page 68-

August 12, 2003
And 2 new Guest Artists have submitted their artwork! Check out the artworks by Aalbaich and gNAW in the Guest Artists section!!

August 8, 2003
We've added another Artist to our Guest Artist section! Check out Jason Canty's version of Asheer and Gonad!

August 7, 2003
Our Tenacle friend and Cottontail answers their Fan Mail in Page 67 of Vixine! Also- we've posted another piece of artwork by Dennis Pawers featuring Gloril.

July 31, 2003
We've got another exciting episode of Vixine comic! Check out Page 66 where Vixine and the gang answers more Fan Emails!

July 30, 2003
Whoops! We've been posting the dates wrong all this month! We've been posting the dates as "June" but meant to say "July".. Well- all of the news dates have been corrected updated.

July 23, 2003
This week in the Vixine comic-- Love is in the air for Gonad! (grin- and it's up in the air for sure!)

July 21, 2003
Thanks to Brian for contributing another great comic in our Guest Artists gallery

July 17, 2003
Another Vixine comic has been added! Love is in the air for Asheer!

July 11, 2003
We've added another artwork by Dennis Pawers! Check out his sketch of the hot and sexy CottainTail!

July 9, 2003
We've got a new comic page added!! This one is hot!! This is the moment you've been waiting for! Vixine and Gloril getting it on!!! The girls get naked and wild under the moonlight!

July 5, 2003
We've got 3 new Guest Artists on Vixine! Thanks to Bloodhund Omega, Josh Roesch, and Brian Burke! Also we've added another artwork by Dennis Pawers. Thanks Dennis!

July 2, 2003
And the Genie is free!!! And the 3 wishes are made! Find out what the wishes were in Vixine Page 62!!

June 25, 2003
Check out page 61 of Vixine Comic!! The team is on a quest to find the Lamp of Genie Al-Afhad!! Whoever frees the Genie will get 3 wishes!!

June 19, 2003
We've updated our site (free area and members area) with a section for our Guest Artists! Again we would like to give our many Thanks to these artists for their submitted artwork!

June 18, 2003
New Story! Check out page 60 of Vixine Comic!

June 11, 2003
Princess Riatha pleases everybody!! Check out page 59 of Vixine Comic!! Yes- Princess Riatha is still naked in page 59 and she's HOT!!

June 4, 2003
Princess Riatha gets Naked in the latest Vixine Comic page 58!!! Wowza. And boy does she look hot!! Will Gonad be able to resist her charms?

May 28, 2003
Gonad rushes to save Asheer in our next page of Vixine Comic... page 57!!

May 21, 2003
Introducing evil princess Riatha! We have Asheer in peril!! The team must rescue her!!! And man! Riatha is hot!! Check out Vixine Comic page 56!

May 14, 2003
We have Vixine Comic page 55!! Come see the chart that explains the complex interaction between Vixine and her friends!

May 7, 2003
News Flash!! Gloril has decided to join Cottontail in the Strip Casino! Yes- you can play Strip Poker or Strip Blackjack with Gloril now!!

Also! We've updated the members area with a Message Board!! For all of you who have been wanting to have a group discussion with Federico, Serena, and Martin- you can now do so on our Vixine Message Board! (Note: If you already have a posting account from the Justice Babes messageboard, your userid and password for the messageboard can be used here automatically! No need to register a new posting account. The userid for posting is NOT the same as the membership username/password. You must create a posting account in order to post.)

May 6, 2003
It's that time again for another round of Fan Mails!! This week's comic will be devoted to answer one of the fan mails.

April 30, 2003
Cottontail gives Buford the works!! Check out page 53!!

April 23, 2003
The new Vixine comic is here!!! Buford finally is going to get some "Tits" and "Ass". Check out page 52!!

April 20, 2003
Happy Furry Easter from Vixine!

April 16, 2003
Gonad's dad finishes his story to Vixine! And what a twist..... Check out page 51 of Vixine comic!

April 9, 2003
In this week's comic we learn more about Gonad's dad. And you'll get a shot of Asheer's nipple.

April 2, 2003
And more of Gonad's sisters!! And we get to see them all get naked too!! Woohoo!!

March 24, 2003
Page 48 is here!! In this new episode we get to see Gonad's sisters!! And boy are these girls hot!!!

March 16, 2003
Gonad introduces his dad to Vixine! AND... you get to see Gonad's hot Mom! Can we say MILF. Check out page 47!

March 8, 2003
Buford is in complete shock!! Find out why in page 46

March 2, 2003
Buford gets his day in the sun... (or maybe not?) Lots of naked hotties in this page (Page 45)... We get to see CottonTail and a sneak preview of a new character in this episode.

February 23, 2003
New Vixine Episode!! Buford finally gets a break! His magic grants him great vision. Vixine and Gloril can be seen naked in Page 44! (could this be for real?) This is by far the hottest page!!

February 17, 2003
Asheer has decided to join the gang in their adventures. Come check out the Vixine gang in the latest 'explosive' episode- Page 43!

February 9, 2003
We posted page42 of Vixine Comic. In this episode - we get to see the fabulous CottonTail...

February 6, 2003
We've added a HardCore pinup of Gloril and Vixine..... Spread them wide Vixine!!! Here comes Gloril! (Currently Gloril and Vixine are the 2 most popular characters on our poll!!) Enjoy guys!!!

February 1, 2003
And we continue with the Fan Mail reading... Check out Page41!! This next letter is for Gloril.

January 25, 2003
Another comic update!! Check out Page40. It's another Fan Mail Corner!! And the first letter is for Asheer....

January 18, 2003
We have the next page (Page39) of Asheer and Gonad! Check out Gonad feeling up Asheer!!! Very erotic!

January 11, 2003
Page 38 is here!! It's another hot adventure with Asheer!!

January 4, 2003
We have page 37 available in the members area!! The High Cleric lets his imagination gone wild! (Too wild!) It's another exciting page of Vixine Adventure!

January 1, 2003
Happy Furry New Year!

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