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December 29, 2002
Another humorous episode of Vixine!! Buford has gone blind! and Gonad.. Well Gonad's enjoying himself.. err herself. Check out page 36 as the gang brings in the High Cleric.

December 25, 2002
Merry Furry Christmas!

December 23, 2002
For this Holiday, we have an extra special for members! Introducing... Cottontail's Strip Casino! That's right!! In our Games Gallery, we now have a Strip Casino. Come pay Strip Poker or Strip Blackjack with CottonTail. There will be more dealers to choose from soon! Here's wishing everybody a Happy Holidays!!!

December 22, 2002
We have a new wallpaper for your desktop! The new wallpaper is a hardcore threesome!!

December 21, 2002
We posted another funny episode of Vixine Comic. Check out page 35!! Gonad is finally learning to enjoy himself. <grin> Find out what he's up to!!!

December 17, 2002
New! We've added Vixine Comic Page 34. We've also added 2 new pinups of your favorite character Gloril!

December 14, 2002
We posted a new downloadable animation of Vixine! Check her out in the Downloads gallery!

December 8, 2002
Our 4 part Vixine comic story wraps up this week. We finally find out what "GS" means. Check out page 33!!! Gonad is in for a big surprise!

December 6, 2002
We've got a Vixine Store now!! Come buy the Vixine Calendar and Gloril Mousepad!! A MUST have for all furry fans!

December 5, 2002
We've updated our Poll!! Tell us who your favorite Vixine.com character is! We would love to hear what everybody likes!

December 2, 2002
We've updated the Comics section with page 32! This page presents us with a little cliff hanger- Stay tuned and find out what happens next!! "GS?" "what's GS"... hmm......

November 26, 2002
The next page of Vixine is up! Gonad gets what he deserves!! Find out!

November 20, 2002
We posted a hardcore pinup- Colored version of the sexy Asheer and her 'playmate'! Check it out in the pinup gallery!

November 19, 2002
We posted a new episode of Vixine. Check out page 30. In this episode we get to check out Gloril's nice ass! We're sure Gonad agrees!

November 12, 2002
We've added page 29 to the Vixine Comics section!

November 11, 2002
We've added a new character bio for "Cotton Tail". Our hot and sexy cocktail girl!

November 6, 2002
We've added 5 new sketches of the upcoming Hardcore/Graphical Sex pinups (includes Asheer, Cottontail, and Gloril). As a Bonus, we've added a hardcore color pinup of Vixine spreading and baring it all!

November 3, 2002
We posted another exciting page of Vixine. Buford and Gonad makes a pass at Vixine and Gloril. Coming Soon- Cottontail's Strip Casino!! and Hardcore Pinups!!

October 27, 2002
We see more of Gloril and Vixine "getting it on".... a la "girl girl" action. Vixine explains- "We believe in enjoying the full extent of the pleasures of the flesh..." "mmm..." Check out Page 27!! (One of the most arousing episodes! - Don't miss out!)

October 19, 2002
This week Gloril answers her Fan mails.... We learn about Gloril's sexuality and a little more.... (We'll even get to see an arousing shot of Gloril feeling Vixine up.)

October 12, 2002
This week Vixine reads the Fan mails... The first letter is for Asheer.... where she responds to: "Dear Queen Asheer, I was wondering about a thing: is Gonad just a sex toy for you as it seems? signed, Romatic Dreamer." Come find out Asheer's reply..

October 6, 2002
We have a new exciting page of Vixine! Check out Page 24! Asheer "shares" Gonad with her Bridge Club friends.

September 30, 2002
We've reorganized the Vixine Comics section to support a larger archive of pages, since we have a lot of pages now in our comics area. We've updated this weeks comic with Page 23!

September 21, 2002
This week we see more of Asheer's hottie warriors! (Page 22)

September 14, 2002
Another exciting episode of Vixine. The group visits Asheer's domain.... (Page 21)

September 7, 2002
We've got another drooling issue of Vixine this week. Check Cotton Tails fine ass in page 20!

August 31, 2002
Hope everybody has a Happy Labor Day weekend! We posted Page 19! Also we updated/revised some of the older pages to add more details in the background. Check out Page3, Page5, and Page6.

August 24, 2002
New! We've added the conclusion to last weeks installment! Hope you guys enjoy it! My that Asheer is one sexy Dragon!

August 17, 2002
This week we find our hero in a really hairy situation! Stay tuned! We'll find out next week out they get out of this one!

August 9, 2002
We posted another page for this week completing previous weeks story! Vixine and Gloril goes up against a tenacle monster!

August 2, 2002
This week we introduce to you 3 new furry characters! And boy are they sexy!! Cottontail is a hottie!

July 27, 2002
We posted a new comic page for this week!

July 17, 2002
We added some skin files for people who uses winamp as their mp3 player.

July 13, 2002
We posted 2 new pages for this week!

July 5, 2002
We posted a new Jigsaw Puzzle game!

July 4, 2002
Hope everybody is having a happy 4th of July! We are posting this weeks comic page early! Enjoy!

July 3, 2002
We opened up a new Bonus Section featuring artworks by Serena! She's very talented! The furry stuff are great!

July 1, 2002
We posted a new Pinup of Vixine and Gloril by Serena in our pinup gallery!

June 29, 2002
This week we finally introduce you to Asheer! Oh My! What big hooters you have their Asheer!

June 22, 2002
A new comic page has been posted!

June 15, 2002
The Jailkeeper shows us a little more 'clevage' in this weeks comic!

June 8, 2002
We have Strip Blackjack with Vixine now available. More Strip Games will be coming soon! Email us and let us know who u want to see in the next strip game. Gloril or one of the subterranean amazon jailkeeper (You'll get to see her in this weeks comic!).

May 27, 2002
We're going to be adding a new page every week from now on! Each stories will be told completely in either 1 or 2 pages.

May 18, 2002
Fully colored version of Page 3 and 4 are not completed.

May 11, 2002
Black and White versions of Page 3 and 4 done.

May 4, 2002
Federio has finished the first 2 pages of Vixine! Fully inked and colored!

April 30, 2002
Free Area design has been created.

April 28, 2002
Members Area design has been created.

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