The Above Game Test, requires the latest version of Shockwave. Please download it if you don't have it.

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  • In the above version 1.09, We added map scrolling and new locations to walk to. Improved keypress commands for walking.

  • In the above version 1.08, We added collision detection. It now checks for areas that you can't go to. You no longer walk through objects.

  • In the above version 1.07, We added a temporary NPC (Non-Playable Character) to see how it would animate and compare next to Scrya.

  • In the above version 1.06, Scyra now moves across the screen with a new background. We're testing background display in this one. We have see thru (semi-transparent) objects for when Scyra walks behind them and gets covered up by things.

  • In the above version 1.05, Scyra now moves across the screen while holding down the arrow keys. The game doesn't check for collision yet so that means you will be walking over trees instead of bumping into them. We'll check for collisions later.

  • In the above version 1.04, we have a newer animation test. Scyra should have a tail that is moving and shadow underneath her, and she blinks when standing still and walking south. Let us know if you don't see this! It is important for us to find out if your shockwave is updated to see the new changes.